“Every child and young person has the right to be active, to benefit from being active in a safe, positive and trusted environment, and to have an equal chance to achieve their potential” – Sport England

Squash Squared is a registered charity that delivers an after-school squash and education programme to deserving children and whose vision is driven by the increasing evidence that active children have higher academic attainment and improved social outcomes.

We enable every child regardless of circumstance to fulfil their academic and sporting potential.


Squash Squared works in partnership with schools to raise their sporting profile via the introduction of squash as a new and sustainable sport.

Squash, combined with extra tuition for the pupils that need it the most, raises classroom confidence and broadens the variety of extra-curricular activities that a school offers.

Via the School Partnership Programme  we create the partnership between school and ready-to-host club, outline respective responsibilities and manage a safe on-going partnership.


 The children enrolled in Squash Squared are from families that experience financial hardship or need varying forms of support.

Our programme supports these children academically and on their new sporting pathway.

We fully fund each stage of their journey, from their first experience on the court squash with classmates through to joining a club.


We want all squash clubs to be active, thriving hubs with busy courts.

We present the opportunity to attract new members, create a link to the local community, build junior programmes and increase court usage during off-peak periods.

Squash clubs are our valued partners and we mutually support one another via the Club Partnership Programme.


Squash Squared is...


Squash Squared is the UK’s first registered squash and education charity.


We want to work with those who share our vision and actively seek new partnerships that will allow us to better serve our beneficiaries.


We are a small charity with bold plans for the future; committed to sustainably helping as many children as we can and growing our network of school and club partnerships.


We instil self-belief in our pupils and encourage them to aim high, ensuring they know they can achieve whatever they set out to do.


Everyone is welcome and has an equal opportunity to develop.


We love squash and know that the enjoyment of sport mixed with extra education is a powerful combination and a catalyst for greater achievement.


Squash and education programmes are largely confined to the United States where they have been flourishing since 2006. They are responsible for the accelerated growth of grass roots squash across North America and for making Squash more inclusive and accessible to junior players.

Our co-founder began the UK’s first initiative after helping to coach these programmes in the U.S and seeing first-hand the positive impact they had on the children enrolled.


December 2014

Following a return visit to the City Squash programme in New York to better understand the requirements of a successful programme a pilot project is scheduled for the New Year.

January 2015

27 pupils from Sacred Heart School in Battersea play Squash and commit to extra study after school twice a week for 33 weeks.

December 2015

96% of the children remain in the programme. Data collected from parents, teachers and the pupils confirm the pilot’s success.


March 2016

Professional tournament “TWC Squash Squared Open” was established on the World Tour to raise awareness for the programme. The event continues to present a unique opportunity for our pupils to meet and be inspired by some of the best players in the world.

April 2016

Squash Squared registers with the Charity Commission.

December 2016

The Squash Squared Cup, a social team event, was founded and established as the charity’s primary, annual fundraiser.

January 2021

Squash Squared rebrands with new logo.

Present day

Squash Squared continues to pioneer the UK’s Squash and Education movement and extend its reach across London and the home counties.

“Squash Squared has developed a wonderful model –  the combination of sport with commitment to additional learning is delivering super results to its pupils in South West London”

World Squash Federation – CEO | Andrew Shelley