“Dedicated to bettering the lives of motivated children from disadvantaged backgrounds by using squash and extracurricular academic tuition to ensure that each child has the same life opportunities, irrespective of his or her background.”


Specifically we aim to:

  • Help children improve academically, discover a new sport and inspire excitement about the programme as a whole.
  • Encourage more children to play squash and transitioning to local squash clubs as members without cost being a barrier to further participation.
  • Raise the profile of P.E within schools by introducing squash as a new sporting option.
  • Increase children’s physical literacy and opportunity to find a sport they connect with.
  • Mould children into confident, healthy and polite individuals who know that they can achieve whatever they set their mind to.


How we achieve our goals

Raising academic attainment

Weekly lessons are delivered on site at our partner clubs in a new and positive learning environment. Class sizes are smaller than at school which allows teachers to spend more time with each child. Help with homework allows children to return home better organised and ready for the next day.

Establishing good health and fitness habits

Through weekly coached workouts, fitness and nutrition education, students gain competence in squash and form habits for healthy living. Students are taught the benefits of regular exercise and healthy food choices.

New sporting pathway

An equal number of boys and girls participate and priority is for those pupils to have fun on the court. Sessions are specifically designed to suit different ages and varying abilities. Children move quickly from complete beginners to confidently playing matches. For those keen to advance, the transition from school player to club member is seamless and fully funded.

Enhancing life skills

Played in close quarters, squash encourages fair play and respect for the opponent, thereby offering the opportunity to develop healthy competitive attitudes. Students also learn appropriate behaviour in a club setting, politeness to members and staff – key life skills.

Increasing learning resilience and confidence

A better understanding and greater interest in school subjects, combined with the ability to play a new sport successfully, lead to improved self-esteem, greater confidence and the persistence to recover from set-backs through extra support. “ I can do this!”

Encouraging an aspirational mindset

As their confidence grows, students set higher standards for themselves and learn how to achieve their goals. Our key fundraising events allow children to play and mix with some of the best players in the world, inspiring them and helping them understand that anything is achievable with commitment and determination.

“We want to create the optimal programme that can be sustainably expanded, helping to broaden the sporting curriculum of schools, allowing more pupils to discover squash and drive up participation.”

Squash Squared