What we do

“Children are provided with a broader experience of sport and extracurricular educational activities with priority given to those most in need of help.”

our programme

We support pupils through every stage of their squash journey and commitment to additional learning.

We encourage them to aspire and strive to achieve their full sporting and academic potential. We show them how to play squash with good sportsmanship and ensure they learn valuable life and organisational skills.

We broaden the school’s sporting curriculum, showing Squash to be a viable and sustainable sports option. We pair club and school and upskill school staff by showing them to teach and structure an engaging Squash lesson.

  • Places to join the programme are oversubscribed by 3:1 on average across all our schools
  • Programme runs concurrent with the school academic calendar and participants attend weekly
  • Programme operates all year round via squash camps in every school holiday
3.00-3.30Children take public transportation or walk to their squash club accompanied by a school teacher and volunteers
3.30-4.15½ of children receive a coached workout / squash lesson
½ of children receive tutoring in Maths and English and homework help
4.15-5.00Children swap groups
5.00-5.15Children receive a nutritious meal 
5.15-5.45Children are returned by bus back to school where they are picked up by their parents

Theory of Change document

Why Squash Works As A School Sport

Fun and easy to pick up, ‘the world’s healthiest sport’ is played in more than 180 countries by over 10 million people, requiring coordination, balance and agility, skills that complement other mainstream school sports.

Children aged 5 years old and upwards can enjoy playing and research has proven that racket sports improve children’s sociability, motor skills, eyesight and health.

Squash is not weather dependent, has no age, gender bias, size or physical strength limitations and participation is inexpensive. Typical class sizes are easily accommodated and groups are comfortable to manage, all playing together at the same time in an enclosed location. It is physically and intellectually demanding, lending itself well to inclusion as a school sport.

Rallies begin quickly, allowing the children to experience immediate success and become instantly engaged.

Pupils play for the entire duration, a contrast to traditional PE sports, which are dominated by the more talented individuals and a lack of prior experience means that every child starts at the same level.

Beyond childhood, Squash has enormous health and social benefits and benefits mental well-being

our schools

Most P.E staff will be unfamiliar with Squash which means the sport maybe viewed as daunting to teach. This, combined with the lack of on-site courts mean that Squash is rarely at the forefront of considered sporting options.

The result is that mainstream sports are perpetuated and pupils’ sporting experience at school is narrow which reduces the chances that a child will find a sport they connect with.

Squash Squared is committed to breaking this cycle and demonstrates via the School Partnership Programme that squash works very well in the school environment.

Our schools’ programme resolves the drawbacks that typically discount squash as a consideration for school sport and demonstrates Squash to be a workable and popular choice amongst pupils.

Equipment is supplied and school staff do not require any knowledge of the game. Our coaches informally show teachers how to frame and deliver a grass roots squash lesson to build their on-court confidence and develop a culture of squash within the school.

Squash Squared provides a new, sustainable improvement to the sporting curriculum, allowing schools to differentiate themselves via their sporting provision and provides an effective and transparent way to use the Pupil Premium, PE and sport premium and Catch-up premium.

School Partnership Programme

Benefits To Schools

Optimal, tiered method to best assist children who are most behind

Squash Squared facilitates the tiered approach as advocated by government across teaching, academic support and wider approaches in order to give the furthest behind pupils the best opportunity to catch up.

Upskill and funding of school staff

Professional coaches teach school staff how to frame a lesson, broadening sporting knowledge and boosting staff confidence. Squash Squared will fund 50% of the cost of a level 1 England Squash coaching course for teachers keen to gain a recognised coaching accreditation.

Transparent use of Government funding streams

Working with school leaders as a supportive partner, Squash Squared helps to show transparently how government funding streams, can be used to assist the most in-need pupils, effectively spent and suitably appropriated.

Engaging the least active children

Via the introduction of a new sport, more diverse, targeted activities are provided to help involve and encourage the least active children.

A clear catch-up strategy

Provision of extracurricular, small group tuition demonstrates a coherent plan to assist pupils who are most need to catch up.

Assistance with online reporting and accountability

Achievements of the class as a whole or developments made beyond the weekly school session by any individual are documented and can be provided by Squash Squared where online reporting is necessary.

Broadening pupils’ sporting experience

Broadening the variety of extra-curricular activities after school encourages more children to take up sport and physical activities.

Increased participation in competitive sport

Participating schools are encouraged to enter a fun, inter-school competition which offers a new way for different pupils to become involved in competitive sport and represent their school.

our students

Around 1 in 3 families in the UK are in a low socio-economic group and children from this demographic are significantly less likely to regularly play sport or ever encounter squash.

These families live all over the country, not just in deprived areas and so Squash Squared takes a broad approach when selecting the locations in which we choose to run our programmes.

We do not want to limit our services solely to children from families who face extreme disadvantage. They are an important part of those that we want support but so too are the children from families who often struggle to make ends meet and for whom the expense of pursing their child’s sporting interest may just be too difficult financially.

Equal ratios of boys and girls are given weekly extracurricular academic support by the teachers from their school, those who know and understand them best. Over time, areas of the curriculum in which they find challenging are consolidated, building class room confidence, increasing resilience to learning and raising levels of attainment.

There are no costs to any of the children or their families for participating in the Squash Squared programme.

Around 70% of the children enrolled in Squash Squared are from families that experience financial hardship or need additional, varying forms of support.

Benefits To Students

Free, professional, after-school care in a safe, learning-environment

Squash Squared provides its services completely free of charge. Classes are taught by a teacher from each partner school and an experienced, fully qualified, professional squash coach.

Small group tuition

Lower pupil to teacher ratios provides opportunity for accelerated learning. Classes average between 8 to12 children at Squash Squared.

A healthy, active lifestyle

Playing Squash gives children an excellent cardio vascular workout. Any vigorous activity, where a child is out of breath and sweating, counts for double the recommended level of moderate activity – so each vigorous minute equates to two moderate minutes.

An increased learning advantage

An extra hour of maths tuition each week equates to 20-25% more time spent on a specific educational subject, giving our pupils a vastly increased learning advantage.

Weekly structure

Study skills improve and consistent work habits develop through establishing routine and taking part in a positive activity after school.

Improved social skills

Pupils learn important social skills in a club environment where they are encouraged to be polite, conscientious and respectful to their peers, coaches and club members.

Funded sporting development beyond school

Pupils keen to progress beyond their weekly school squash session can do so seamlessly and without cost being a barrier to further participation. Our squash clubs have active junior coaching programmes that all welcome new players. Squash Squared fully covers club membership and future coaching costs.

Greater classroom confidence

Out-of-school tuition is a new learning environment in which children feel more relaxed and more comfortable to ask questions leading to enhanced learning.

our clubs

The majority of the clubs that host our programmes are private, member-only clubs which offer a new, engaging learning environment in aspirational surroundings.

We reach out to local schools on behalf of the clubs, pair them together and clarify the responsibilities of each, thereby giving the partnership the best chance to move forward safely and successfully. 

Our clubs have active junior sections, with good coaching programmes in place, delivered by knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaches.

We ensure that the transition for children who want to become members is simple and without cost. Liaising with parents and carers, our coaches facilitate the membership process ensuring   the child joins a group suitable for their age and ability.

Squash Squared continues to support each child on their squash journey by making available a development fund that covers future coaching costs.

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Club Partnership Programme

Benefits To Clubs

Increased membership numbers

The Club Partnership Programme represents the most cost effective method by which a club can increase junior membership numbers.

Driving participation

New players and increased participation are vital for the growth of the sport. Hosting Squash Squared means playing an active role in the furtherance of Squash. Introducing new players to our sport constitutes a long term investment in a club’s own business.

Additional revenue from increased court usage

New off-peak court usage generates additional revenue without any opportunity cost, nor impact on members’ usage.

Enhancing the member offering

Squash Squared provides sporting and educational volunteering opportunities for older junior members which often befit other programmes e.g. the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Supporting a socially correct initiative

Ultimately, clubs that participate in the Club Partnership Programme aid social mobility and helpi to give every child a better chance to succeed and reach their full potential.

Increased activity levels

Participating clubs benefit from high levels of footfall from hosting tournaments which county associations help to organise and promote.

Building the junior coaching programme

New junior members allow existing junior sessions to be expanded or new ones to be created bring the bringing diversity to a club’s coaching programme.

Forging links with the community

Demonstrates a club to have a welcoming, open-door policy to the community and that its facilities are used for benevolent purposes.