“Every pound that we receive allows us to reach more from children from disadvantaged backgrounds ensuring that they receive the same sporting and educational opportunities and are able play, learn and aspire through squash.”


Our achievements to date would have been impossible without people like you.

We are enormously thankful for your contribution towards our work. Your donation will go towards giving a child the same life chances as their peers and helping them to reach their full potential.

You can support our programme through one-off or regular monthly donations.

Click the button below to visit our Just Giving page to make yours.


Corporate partners are crucial to our plans for expansion into more schools. This extra support in addition to our fundraising efforts and donations allows us to readily invest in further programmes and in turn extend our reach.

Strategic partnerships are highly valued and we want them to be mutually beneficial. We therefore endeavour to have as much of an impact on the businesses we work with as they do on us.

Each corporate collaboration is different due to the varying nature of each business. We ascertain their aims and bring forward ideas that will achieve the specific desired outcomes creating bespoke partnerships for each corporate partner.

Charitable partnerships raise a company’s profile, bind staff through fundraising and volunteering together which builds a stronger team and a differentiated brand.

Increasing marketplace competition leads to greater consumer choice. Businesses that are actively seeking to make difference and a change for good are increasingly prioritised for the same good or service over those that do not. Collaborating with Squash Squared will allow us to make that difference for you.

If you may like to help us in this way please…
Or to informally discuss your thoughts on a partnership please call 07811 465 073.

“Strawberry Star became involved with Squash Squared through our Bronze development in Wandsworth, a new icon in the area that blends the heritage of its copper mill past with today’s thriving, hip community. Our aspiration to build homes and communities married well with those of Squash Squared – building character, confidence, community, and lasting change”

Jonathan Roberts – Associate Director at Strawberry Star


Squash Squared wants to invest as much as we can in our beneficiaries. In simple terms, the more we save on other costs the more we can give to those we are committed to supporting.

Pro bono support and gifts in kind are one of the simplest ways that you can help and often deliver significant value to our charity.

Provision of professional services such as accountancy, legal or media skills or even just giving advice can substantially reduce our costs. Also if delivered on behalf of an employer will demonstrate your meaningful contribution towards their corporate responsibility.

If you would like to help in this way please contact us or call our Co-founder on 07811 465 073.


Whether you are an ironman participant, or more a cake sale sort of person, whichever way you may like to help will be greatly appreciated by us.

Maybe you occasionally run a 10k race, are planning on a half marathon or finally getting around to doing that skydive, why not do it for us?

By connecting your desired race or challenge with Squash Squared you can simultaneously raise funds and awareness for what you and Squash Squared are doing. It may even increase your drive and determination to ensure you reach your goal?!


We would be very grateful for your time in whichever way suits you to give it.

There are no specialist skills required, sometimes just another pair of hands is a big help.