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Squash Squared & Squashinhos Surrey Charity Fundraiser


The First Surrey Charity Fundraiser


Squash Squared and Squashinhos Brazil jointly present an evening of world class squash on the glass court at the renowned St George’s Hill Club in Weybridge.


Legends, Commonwealth Games medallists, a former world number one and future stars will not only be exhibiting their skills but also coaching and playing those who come to watch.


The evening will showcase a mix of squash generations in a best of 3 format for the benefit of deserving children enrolled in both the Squash Squared and Squashinhos initiatives.  All money from the auction, donations, ticket sales and bookings to play the pros will go equally to support both programmes. 

Squash Squared - Giving every child a sporting chance

Squash Squared is the UK’s first registered squash and education charity founded at The Wimbledon Club in South West London in 2015 and whose vision is driven by the increasing evidence that active children have higher school achievement and improved social outcomes.

Eligibility to the programme is based upon a child’s family’s income falling below the poverty line- that is 60% below the average household income , behaviour and commitment. Squash Squared has three primary objectives; to increase class room attainment, give all children an equal opportunity to be their best and drive participation in our sport, especially amongst girls. We operate a policy of equal boy/girl ratios.


Beginning in October the programme will be working with 3 new schools (working with 8  in total) and delivering weekly sessions to more than 130 deserving children at 4 clubs. All proceeds from this event will go towards supporting this expansion.   


For further info please email; director@squashsquared.com



There are more people living in favelas in Brazil,11.4 million individuals than people living in Portugal with 1.4 million living in favelas in Rio alone.

The children are mercilessly exploited and do not receive even a basic education. I have witnessed this sadness firsthand during my time in Rio and am compelled to help change their lives which we have started to do through Squashinho’s squash and education programme.


Our project helps these suffering children from the favelas of Rio De Janeiro. Three times a week we give English and Squash lessons to around 20 children; 1 hour of squash and 1 hour of English and have clear objectives:


1) Form competitive athletes 

2) Teach English 

3) Encourage social inclusion 

Squashinhos provides a safe and friendly environment where they can play squash and learn English giving each child a far brighter future.


Racket UP


Established in April 2017, Racket Up has quickly become one of the fastest growing squash academies in the country.


Our School of Squash programme works with 8 primary schools in Havering, putting our sport in the spotlight amongst the youth of today and driving player participation in the local area.


Since its creation, Racket Up has reinvigorated squash in the West of Essex with its bespoke coaching sessions, innovative camps and 30 unmissable fixtures in the 2018/19 competition calendar.


The collaboration between Racket Up, Squash Squared & Squashinhos on September 22nd is the first of its kind and promises to be one of the biggest events in the squash calendar.


Before the pro exhibition matches start at 5pm we will be hosting the definitive season-ending climax of both the David Lloyd & Essex Elite Super Series Finals from 11am and encourage spectators to come along and support our finals, no doubt a great warm-up spectacle before some of the world’s best go toe-to-toe in The Squash Squared & Squashinhos Surrey Charity Fundraiser at St George’s Hill Club.

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